Allow us to keep Little Shore tidy

I DESPAIR! One week we are encouraged to support ‘Pride in Amble’ of which I am an active member and the next week, local bureaucracy steps in and prevents the cleaning and removal of some grass from the Little Shore.

I have lived in Amble all my life, I took my children, now in their late 30s, every summer to the Little Shore where they spent hours playing on the sandy beach.

The grass which is now encroaching over the sand is sharp, uncomfortable to sit on and certainly not child-friendly.

I now have grandchildren who love coming to the seashore but I fear in a few years time there will be no sand left for them to enjoy if some of the grass is not removed.

The Government is encouraging children to become more active, what message are we sending out when a few insects are deemed more important?

I urge Warkworth Harbour Commissioners to reconsider their decision and allow us to continue keeping this area tidy, cleaner and provide a more safe environment for the benefit of locals and visitors.

If they can’t or won’t, why not give this area to the people of Amble to maintain?

Maureen Gibson,

Old Coastguard Cottages,