Allotment fury

I THINK that Ray Farnsworth, Tom Deedigan and Christopher Goodfellow have got it all wrong.

While they go on about councillors’ failure to adopt this statue, some of the town council seem to be prepared to give up half of Alnwick’s allotments without a battle.

On page 14 (Gazette, last week), there was a report about Northumberland Estates refusing to extend the lease on allotments at Ratten Row. If the council give the allotments back, the Estates can charge whatever it likes and force us off the land.

The suggestion that Northumberland Estates is offering the same deal as the council is rubbish.

It doesn’t have any statutory responsibility to offer any allotments and can boot people off whenever it likes, just by increasing prices.

What’s this all about ‘once you get more people involved, making a decision gets messy’, as one councillor says? Messy decisions are real life. If you try to leave people out because they don’t agree with you, where would we be?

I guess Ray and Tom and Chris all have big gardens and don’t need any space to grow food or keep chickens, and I hear that Northumberland Estates already have a bit of land too. But a lot of people depend on these allotments and maybe the town council could have a bit of regard to our generation, rather than arguing about the past and about how the big guy in his castle might be feeling.

Mike Child,

Windsor Gardens, Alnwick