All we ask is for fairness

SINCE the unitary council administration took over all of Northumberland county, we have read in the press many times the two words – fairness and equality – and that is all we are asking for here.

We don’t think this administration knows the meaning of these words.

They discriminate against county market towns, their businesses, shoppers and residents.

Businesses are being squeezed with high rentals, VAT at 20 per cent, higher business tax, higher insurance, higher fuel costs and free out-of-town car parks in shopping centres.

We don’t need unfair parking charges on top of all this.

The members of Alnwick Chamber of Trade are very angry at the way they have been treated by this administration. Correspondence was sent to the council in March and we are still waiting for an answer.

We feel that forcing through a policy for political reasons is an absolute disgrace, unfair and economically unjust on the residents, shoppers and businesses of a large part of Northumberland.

We also feel that this administration appears to forget the voter who after all, keeps them in employment.

Our main aim is to attain equality and fairness regarding parking throughout the whole of Northumberland County.

We demand that Alnwick is brought in line with other towns, and therefore insist that the shopper parking permits, free Sunday parking and free Bank Holiday parking be introduced.

We prefer this to be implemented by the end of the month to ensure that some benefit can be gained throughout the remaining summer months.

The Public Scrutiny Committee has given us the opportunity to put our case regarding the inequality and unfairness of the party policy being pursued by the unitary authority.

We want this to be discussed by the whole council and voted on by them and not delegated to a committee who can do what they like.

Let us make it clear that we want equality and fairness across the whole county and will settle for nothing less.

Carlo Biagioni,

Alnwick Chamber of Trade