Age of chivalry is not dead

Parking in Alnwick Market Place.
Parking in Alnwick Market Place.

I would like to use the Gazette to convey my grateful thanks to all those who helped me when I tripped and fell on Bondgate Within, on Tuesday evening, November 12.

Much of that time is still a blur but I do remember a hairdressers where a paramedic managed to get me into to wait for the arrival of the main ambulance, they must have had a good few extra towels to wash - apart from the delay to them being able to close for the night.

Above all there was guy called Graham who calmly seemed to take control and stayed with me the whole time and organised coats and blankets to keep me warm while waiting for the medics, which were delayed.

This man even remembered my address and a few days later came to see how I was.

I don’t know where he lives but he is a taxi driver in Alnwick and is my unsung hero.

The age of chivalry is definitely not dead in Alnwick, thank you all from a very grateful OAP.

Valerie Belton,

West Acres, Alnwick