A1 hazards and a few other points

Alnwick war memorial
Alnwick war memorial

a) On Good Friday at 3.15pm, I prepared to exit the road from Shilbottle, opposite the site of the old tip.

A medium-sized dog, black with shortened tail and grizzled muzzle, left the grass verge and wandered onto the A1 southbound, causing cars to swerve.

It did not seem frightened of traffic, therefore, I turned left and managed to get the dog onto the verge with the aim of catching it since it was wearing a leather collar. Putting on hazard lights, I drew in as far as possible and the dog ran off into the field.

Meanwhile, traffic two abreast thundered down the outside lane travelling at approximately 80mph, virtually nose to tail. What a way to drive.

I only just managed to join the inside lane and turn off to safety.

I suppose we will never know if this was just a lost dog on holiday or if it had been dumped.

b) The war memorial.

I personally rather like the oxidation on our very beautiful war memorial, but I suppose it could do with a clean-up.

Why not take the opportunity to remove it to the safety of the nearby by Column Field?

This would avoid congestion and be a better environment for those viewing the monument.

Since this is in effect a five-way junction, this would be step one to providing a traffic island and/or traffic lights, after all, this is the 21st century.

c)The re-siting of the Market toilets to the north side of the hall has been a shambles from start to finish.

I remember the vast supply of toilet rolls we supplied at the Queen’s Head when this happened.

We are left with two mean cubicles in the ladies, plus a disabled which faces onto the pavement, hardly ideal because the solid outer doors are always open so that there is no privacy.

Totally inadequate, as I expect are the gents. Surely we deserve better than this?

Is there no possibility of obtaining ground where the Arriva office sits?

This would be so much more accessible and might even be able to stay open until 6pm.

Many cafés close at 5pm and Morrisons do not have a public toilet either.

Never mind, I was waiting to board a bus when a man asked if it would wait for him while he went to the toilet before continuing his journey to Newcastle.

To my amazement, he alighted and then urinated against Morrisons side wall. Words for once fail me.

Anyway, while there is at least an upgrade, I suppose we will all have to learn to cross our legs unless the facilities in the Northumberland Hall itself are made available.

Eileen Woodward,

Haven Meadows,