A1 dualling would spoil the county

Why is there such a clamour to open up and dual the A1.

Why is it so important to make Northumberland like the rest of England?

Yes, the road is dangerous in places but would not money be better spent on good signage, better slip roads and traffic-calming measures.

I am not mistaken in thinking that I live in the hidden jewel of this country.

Northumberland is what it is because you have to slow down and look for its wonderful places.

I understand that businesses want the A1 dualled to increase trade access but is that all it is about?

Allowances should be made for what Northumberland is, not what they want it to become.

Nobody wants time to stand still or live in the past but surely we should have a good look at our heritage first and what makes Northumberland so special.

Andrew Lobb,