A1 DUALLING: Help stop the tragedies

Chancellor George Osborne and Anne-Marie Trevelyan beside the A1.
Chancellor George Osborne and Anne-Marie Trevelyan beside the A1.

I have lived in the village of Warkworth for the last 37 years.

I moved here from the village of Coldingham after getting married in 1977.

Going back to 1963 when, as a young boy, I heard in the Berwickshire News how a new road was to be build to replace the A1 and bypass all the small villages en route.

This new road was to run from Newcastle in the south up to Edinburgh in Scotland and was seen as part of a major upgrade to the east side of Britain’s road network.

Sadly, some work was done to bypass villages and towns like Berwick but most improvements were done as single carriageway and dualling stopped at Morpeth.

The plan had been to dual this road all the way at the time but as usual with politicians and changes in government, this dualling promise has never come.

Over the many years that have passed, crashes have taken the lives of many people who may still be here today had the road been dualled in the first place.

There is one part of the A1 that has remained the same in all this time and taken many lives – the bends south of Belford.

So Mr Tim Hardie (Gazette letters, October 9), I, like many others who have travelled this road, think it is high time dualling was done for the peopl that use this road day-to-day to make it as safe as possible.

James Grant Frizzel,

Barns Road,