A wake-up call of Biblical proportions

TO borrow the words of the well-loved Christmas carol ‘Away in a Manger’, the cattle were lowing and the baby did awake, but this wasn’t a Nativity scene. It was Alnwick town centre during the early hours of last Friday morning.

The cattle in question were a pack of roaring-drunk morons who staggered their way through the streets at 2.30am bellowing randomly at a volume I would estimate to be in excess of 120 decibels. Not exactly lowing in the Biblical sense, but I would say animal noises.

However, that’s where the similarity ends, as most beasts of the farmyard tend to sleep at night.

This isn’t about being a kill-joy, it’s about having respect for the rest of society. Alnwick town centre is full of pubs, agreed, but it is also home to many families, like mine. So keep your noise inside the pubs, please.

Not on the street, especially after midnight, when some folks – like me – have to actually go to work the next day.

You may think it’s a brilliant idea to burst into a chorus of football chants as you’re heading home after sinking 10 pints, but bear in mind that those of us who have to listen to it sober might have a different view.

I wouldn’t dream of turning up outside your house and bombarding you with some off-key opera at four in the morning just because I happen to like it or, more to the point, that I’ve completely lost my sense of self-restraint after flooding my brain with a gallon of booze.

The great majority of folks who hit the town for a night out do so responsibly. And they go home quietly.

So please, if you’re planning to go out over New Year, spare a thought for those of us living in the town centre before you decide to start braying like a demented, demonically-possessed donkey on a public street at 3am.

Tired Town Centre Resident

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