A valuable service

MY wife and I read with some concern at the possible loss of funding for Macmillan CAB in the Gazette.

Some six to seven years ago, my wife was suddenly diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia.

Without the help of the Macmillan advisor at that time, we would have had no idea whatsoever of what to do, who to contact, who could help us. Without the help of the Macmillan advisor, I am sure we would still be in the same position today regarding help with no idea who we could turn to.

If, as your paper reports, this is due to budget cuts within Northumberland Care Trust (NCT), we would respectfully suggest the NCT is cutting in the wrong place.

We again request that the NCT reconsider.

Would the NCT consider replying to this letter as to why they feel they can no longer support a very valuable service?

Alice and Gordon Rutherford,

Address supplied