A path along rail route is sorely needed

It is now four years since I wrote in 2009 about the need for a safe and direct route between Alnmouth and Alnwick for pedestrians and cyclists.

The development of this path along the route of the old railway branch line from Alnmouth Station has been discussed for many years.

The potential benefits in terms of safety, health and amenity for local people and visitors are clear to everyone.

The main road is dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.

In 2009, it was said that Aln Valley Railway Society would be including within their plans a footpath/cycle track. Indeed, planning permission has been granted.

However, there is no sign of any progress by AVRS in laying a passable route.

Their emphasis has been on the station site at Willowburn and so the position for cyclists and pedestrians remains unchanged.

There is no reason in my view why a relatively straightforward project to lay a suitable path along the railway route (similar to those now in place all over the country) could not progress ahead of what will be a more long-term rail project.

I have written also to AVRS via their website, Sustrans and Northumberland Estates to ask for a response.

Understandably, it appears to me that AVRS do not have the interests of cyclists and pedestrians at the top of their priorities.

I would welcome views on how this can be taken forward within a reasonable time scale.

Rob Jewitt,

Lesbury Road,