A further threat to the future of young people

The publiction of indicative funding figures for schools across north Northumberland has caused alarm, and rightly so, as many of them, often in rural areas, look set to be losing out.

The proposals, which have come down from on high at the Department for Education, could see some of our schools taking an annual budget cut of more than £100,000.

Not only will this have some effect on how schools continue to educate our children, it raises the very real possibility that more rural schools will have to close.

In an area where school closures do rear their ugly head with disturbing regularity, any funding issue could be felt more strongly than in other parts of the country.

Branton Community First School’s new nursery, which was recently confirmed and helped it avoid the axe, is sadly a rare happy ending.

This comes at a time when youngsters are really feeling the impact of the economic downturn with record levels of youth unemployment.

No wonder some are saying enough is enough.