A fitting tribute

As the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War draws nearer, war memorials in towns and villages nationwide are being restored in preparation for the ceremonies which will be held to mark this event.

Yet the war memorial elected to honour the young men of Alnwick, who faced horrors beyond our imagination before making the ultimate sacrifice, stands blackened and neglected.

Hopefully plans to remedy this situation are already in place and we can look forward to an early start on remedial work, or possibly it is the customary plea of lack of funds being put forward as the reason?

I understand that a grant is available towards the cost of the restoration of war memorials, and I am sure the good people of Alnwick would donate with their customary generosity towards such a deserving cause.

Whatever the reasons for such seeming lack of interest, let us hope that by August 6, the war memorial is restored and is a fitting tribute to the young men in whose memory it was erected.

Beryl M Bilboe,

The Close,