A cruel act for theatre

ONCE upon a time, Alnwick was supposed to be a nice place to live.

Putting ‘once upon a time’ into the correct context, there is definitely no happy ever after ending where the following is concerned.

Recently two regular visitors to Alnwick had a rather shaken experience.

It all took place when they were leaving Alnwick. As they reached Percy Terrace in their car, they had to give way to an oncoming vehicle.

This took a bit of awkward manoeuvring but was finally accomplished through one of the party directing the other.

At this point a rather ignorant youth seated in another car with other youths, started shouting verbal abuse at them. Some of which consisted of “get a ******** oldies”.

The rest was more of the same verbal abuse.

Being polite, there was no verbal return and they duly drove home rather shaken up by the whole event.

The couple had done absolutely nothing wrong, but yet were subjected to an appalling and really upsetting situation.

The moral of the story is, age comes to all, and what goes around, comes around.

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