A beacon and fines

HAVING read the letters, in this week’s Gazette I’m astounded at Alan Castle’s column and comments of Holy Island’s problems with such a lot of rescues needed.

His column is usually well thought out, but here again I found his comments attached to this problem very ‘heavy weather’ indeed.

We don’t need barriers, traffic lights or CCTV cameras if someone is given the job to place a big enough red reflector beacon showing these tides times.

Trespass will be dealt with as a traffic offence, with a fine matching the cost of rescue.

I’m wondering why this problem is taking so long to solve. We must realise without a warning it’s an easy adventure to make, especially if you’re on holiday and have no knowledge of this tide problem.

We must also include ‘adventurous aquatics’ who don’t look, or read, and are simply careless.

So a price must be paid if this attitude persists and it obviously does persist because reliable rescuers arrive to prevent drowning at a cost of £1,200.

So why not show a red beacon displaying why it is there and tide tables; also, very importantly, a statement saying to trespass this light will be an offence and fines will equal the cost of rescue.

This is not rocket science.

Stan Thompson,

West Acres,