A bad advert for the area

I read with interest the report in the Gazette, October 10, regarding the state of the road near Seahouses.

Has anyone from the council travelled further south on the coastal route?

My husband and I used the B1339 route nearly every weekend (April-November) and have done so for the last nine years.

Over the last four years the surface of this road has got progressively worse to the extent that the top surface has all but vanished leaving the remaining surface in a terrible state.

What visitors and tourists from overseas must think when they use this route I shudder to think, not a very good advert for this beautiful area of Northumberland, a very pleasant drive ruined. What further damage will be done during the coming winter?

We don’t pay our road tax to have tyres shredded by such badly-maintained roads. Time to act I think.

Mrs Susan Dickinson,

Cormorant Close,