10cc concert excitement

I WAS delighted when the Gazette announced that 10cc would be playing at Alnwick’s Pastures.

Graham Gouldman is the only survivor of the original group still playing with 10cc. He is a guitarist.

The name 10cc was chosen because the group wanted a name that didn’t sound too grand.

10cc are generally regarded as one of the groups that play very close to studio sound in their live concerts.

Graham started writing songs as early as the 1960s when he wrote for the Yardbirds, among others. These days, he’s involved with McFly.

Eric Stewart had an accident years ago and as result had to retire from playing the keyboards.

The stage act is different to the foursome that played ‘Top of the Pops’ with extra musicians making the band. Some of these lads have been with the group for many years.

10cc split up in the late 70s and became 10cc and Godley and Creme. Godley and Creme had hits in the early 80s such as Wedding Bells and Under Your Thumb.

Kevin Godley was the group’s drummer and Lol Creme, an American, was usually the lead singer and was also a guitarist.

In my opinion the best album of 10cc was Sheet Music, their second album, closely followed by The Original Soundtrack their third. Probably their most famous track was the classic I’m Not In Love, which was penned by Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart.

Enjoy your concert with Stockport’s best.

David Turnbull,