YOUR PICTURES: World Book Day - Chapter One

It's World Book day today (Thursday, March 7, 2019), a chance for young and old, although mainly young, to dress up as their favourite characters from literature. Our gallery sees the Cat in the Hat and Shimmer, alongside the likes of Postman Pam and a host of Harry Potters. We will be adding to the pictures throughout the day, so keep checking back for your little ones playing a starring role. Pictured above are the youngsters from Shilbottle Primary School.

By Paul Larkin
Thursday, 7th March 2019, 11:13 am
Updated Friday, 8th March 2019, 8:53 am
Some of the children from Shilbottle Primary School dressed up for World Book Day.

Submit your pictures to the Gazette Facebook page for consideration for this online gallery or in the Northumberland Gazette newspaper next week. Or you can send them by email to [email protected]

Left, Kelly Cross sent in this picture of Evie, 10, dressed as Medusa the Gorgon. Right, Kai Logan Elliott as Mr Bean for World Book Day at Swansfield Park School, Alnwick. Picture sent in by Stu Elliott.
Left, Jaxon Marshall, three, as the dinosaur from The Dinosaur That Pooped the Past. Picture sent in by Sharna Wright. Right, Noah Swain, three, who is dressed as Santa from The Dinosaur who pooped Christmas. Picture by Jessica Stewart

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Maisie, eight, as Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; and five-year-old George as Robin Hood on World Book Day - submitted by Laura Butroid.
Left, Alfie Court as Postman Pat. Picture by Lisa Court. Right, Toby, five, as Stick Man. Picture by Joanne Phillips
Left, Robin Bush, three, as Marshall from Paw Patrol. Picture by Rosie Bush. Right, Ryley, nine, and Kye, four, from Alnwick, dressed as Superman and Woody, the Toy Story cowboy. Picture by Kelly Anne Campbell
Left, Sam Castle as a Creaker monster from the book The Creakers for World Book Day at Swansfield Park School, Alnwick. Picture by Gillian Castle. Right, Lydia Brown, from Shilbottle, dressed up as the Cat in the Hat. Picture by Tina Brown.
Left, Demi Taylder, three, dressing up as Shimmer from Shimmer and Shine for World Book Day at Belford Primary School nursery. Picture submitted by Katie Frankish. Right, Thing 1 and Thing 2, or is it Ava and Holly dressed up for World Book Day? Picture by Kerry Ellis
Left, Oscar Joseph Oman, three, as the Wizard Of Oz scarecrow for World Book Day at Broomhill First School. Picture by Natalie Simpson. Right, Imogen Bush, six, as Veruca Salt with her golden ticket. Picture by Rosie Bush
Left, when no shop in the world sells your favourite book character, get mammy to make one! Here is Dougie, six, as Supertato. Picture by Faye Lo Taylor. Right, Connor Dollin, 12, from Belford, as Wade Watts from Ready Player One by Ernest Cline for World Book Day. Picture by Victoria Dollin
Left, the day the crayons quit, by Lexie, eight, and Lola, five. Picture by Carly Miller. Right, from Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it's Willy Wonka, aka Matthew Rankin, five. Picture by Charlotte Allen.
Left, Elise and Eva dressed up as the Mad Hatter and Dorothy for World Book Day. Picture by Lorraine Kurti. Right, Kaitlynn Blake, from Wooler First School, as David Walliams' There's a Snake in My School. Picture by Suzanne Blake.
Left, here is Queen Victoria, aka eight-year-old Meghan Dunn, a book worm who loves Horrible Histories; she is from Amble. Picture by Dawn Dunn. Right, Henry, eight, and Ewan, six, aka William Shakespeare and Fantastic Mr Fox, for World Book Day at Hugh Joicey CoE Ford First School. Picture by Anne Mair-Chapman
Left, Beatrix as Peter Rabbit at her very first World Book Day at playgroup today. Picture by Jodie Tanner. Right, Charlie, two, is Little Rex. Picture by Heather Osborne
Left, Brandon in training as Captain Underpants before his big chance to shine on World Book Day. Picture by Ellie Bell. Right, Livvy Grethe, eight, and Eva Grethe, four, from Belford, both as Mary Poppins. Picture by Leanne Grethe
Left, Luna and Sunny Joyce, super heroes for World Book Day! Picture by Diana Bourne. Right, Orla, six, and Molly, four, as Alice in Wonderland and Queen of Hearts. Picture by Lisa Muir.
Poppy Dods, 10, as Mary Poppins; Lucy Dods, eight, as Paddington; Romilly Dods, five, as Matilda; and Lydia Dods, three, as Peppa Pig, all dressed up for World Book Day at Whittingham C of E Primary School. Picture by Julia Dods. Right, Macie-Louise, four, as Cinderella. Picture by Tasha Nisbet.
Left, Alby Junior Lowthian Laverick, six, with his book called How to Grow a Dinosaur, in which the little boy is called Albie. Picture by Lesley Robinson. Right, Jake, nine, and Paige, six, dressed as Harry Potter characters for World Book Day.Picture by Amy Stephenson.
Left, Freya McNee, five. as Wheres Wally for World Book Day at Swansfield Park Primary School. Picture by Kelly McNee. Right, Oliver, seven, from Wooler, as William Beech, a character in Goodnight Mr Tom. Picture by Nichola Hope.
Left, Georgia Dollin, eight, from Belford, as Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Picture by Victoria Dollin. Middle, Mollie, four, as Anna from Frozen. Picture by Louise Skirving. Right, Georgia, four, as the Hungry Caterpillar for World Book Day. Picture by Rachael McVey.
Left, Charlie, three, as the Tiger Who Came to Tea. Picture by Amy Elliott. Right, a trio out of the Harry Potter novels, Mollie, Maddison and Archie Bowen, from Shilbottle. Picture by Jennifer Bowen.