YOUR PICTURES: Snowman style and playing in the snow - you've certainly been making the most of the winter weather!

Here we see a selection of your photos showing youngsters making some fabulous snowmen and just having lots of fun.

Saturday, 2nd February 2019, 19:42 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 16:08 pm
snow pictures

Thanks for sending in such a great selection of images - we know our followers will enjoy them.

Alison Birdsall's Lexy and Ethan having fun and Shania Leigh sent a picture of Angus Harrison loving the snow age 3
Samantha Jane Suffield's picture of Lucas making snow angels and Ryan Waterhouse sent in a picture of Faye from Belford with her creation.
Kathleen Ord's photo of Esmae with her snowman from down under in his sun hat and Jennifer Robinson sent us a picture of Leo and Lailie in Seahouses.

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Claire Allsop's pictures of Dylan, aged 3, with his snowman called Jeff.
Katie Frankish's pics of Daizie McCalvey and Demi Taylder enjoying the snow in Belford.
A picture from Michaela Windust and Melissa Suffield sent in one of Summer-Rose and her snowman.
Kristine Armstrong's picture of Erin who built a snowman in Shilbottle and Lynne-arie Moffat came home to Findley-Bob and Angel making a snow man - his name is Bob....
Jennifer Bowen shows us Archie Bowen with his snowman in Shilbottle and Gordon Saunders shows us his creation.
Rebecca Lambert's Jessica in Alnwick and Rachael Bisset's son George making snow angels in the garden in Alnwick
Carly Lamb shows Harry, Noah and Daisy having fun in the snow at Alnmouth and Becky Pringle shows us Max having fun on his bike in the snow.
Rebecca Miller's photo of Conor with his snow man and Reuben Michael Carr says 'The girls love Gwen'.
Philippa Jayne Mawer's pictures of Freddie (4) with his snowman in Embleton and Philippa Jayne Mawer Elliot (9) pulling his sister Cassie (1) on the sledge in Longhoughton.
Diana Bourne sent us a pictures of Luna and Sunny Joyce having lots of sledging fun this morning and Luna Joyce with her snowman she built.
Elaine Holland shows us James and his snowman and Diana Bourne shows Luna Joyce with her snowman she built.
Vikki Armstrong's photo of Haylie and Summer with their snowman/