Youngsters grow some monster sunflowers

Monster-sized sunflowers have been growing in gardens in Northumberland, as part of an annual horticultural competition.

Monday, 8th October 2018, 2:00 pm
First: Austin Bowden

Each year, the Gazette teams up with Alnwick in Bloom to run the Sunflower Challenge, encouraging youngsters to go all green-fingered. And 2018’s contest has yielded some whoppers!

In first place was Austin Bowden, from Alnwick, whose sunflower grew to a huge 12ft 1in. In second place was Barney and Bertie Hardie, from Whittingham, whose bloom reached 11ft 9in.

First: Austin Bowden

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Aoife Wilson, from Denwick, came third, as his sunflower measured in at 11ft 8in, while Emilia Bowden’s 11ft 3in entry was enough to see her take fourth. There were also several runners-up in the competition. These were: Sam Pottts, from Togston; Phoebe Cotton and Jacob Heys, from Stamford; Maddison James, from Rothbury; Reece Hope, from Red Row; Carly Hope, from Red Row; Arthur Woods, from Embleton; and Haidee Moore, from Alnwick.

Second: Barney and Bertie Hardie
Third: Aoife Wilson
Fourth: Emilia Bowden