Youngsters causing problems at shelter

The bus shelter at Broomhill.
The bus shelter at Broomhill.

Youths are causing nuisance at a bus shelter, congregating and urinating at the site and sitting on the roof, worried residents have said.

There have also been claims that youngsters are jumping from the top of the structure into the road when vehicles are passing by.

Concerned villagers have written to East Chevington Parish Council to ask what can be done to solve the problems at the stone shelter on the Broomhill Road.

Some residents have even suggested replacing it with a clear plastic design.

At Monday night’s parish council meeting, chairman Scott Dickinson said the situation would be monitored.

There was also a feeling that a clear plastic shelter was not the answer, because of their appearance and a belief that they are prone to vandalism.

Coun Dickinson said: “Residents have been complaining about this shelter.

“They say that kids are congregating and urinating in the shelter and sitting on the roof and sometimes jumping into the road. It is dangerous.

“All we can do is monitor the situation.

“It is well used and we have to make sure there is sufficient cover for people who use them.”

Coun Dickinson added that the bus shelter is cleaned twice a week.

Coun Alice Charlton suggested putting barbed wire on the roof to deter youngsters from climbing on top.

○ At last month’s meeting, members raised concerns about the amount of smashed bottles at Hadston Community Park.

It has been agreed that the area will be litter-picked/inspected on Mondays.