Youngsters all set to get their school blooming

Alnwick South School ECO Group
Alnwick South School ECO Group

Green-fingered pupils have teamed up with Alnwick in Bloom to set up a variety of gardening projects.

Alnwick South First School is working with volunteers from the bloom committee to get youngsters growing.

The bloom committee donated a number of packets of seeds to the school, alongside those from the Royal Horticultural Society.

And children at the school have also been getting their fingers dirty at Alnwick Garden.

They learned how to take seeds from plants and dry them in paper bags so that they can be used again.

Youngsters designed packet labels themselves to make the project interesting and each child at the school has been given a packet of the seeds which they made.

At the school last week the eco group told Alnwick in Bloom volunteers about their ‘Get Alnwick Buzzing’ project.

The scheme is being run to encourage bees to thrive in Alnwick.

Two bloom committee members, Susan Bell and Kathleen Bradford, have volunteered to garden with the children on a regular basis.

It is hoped that some sponsorship will become available so that child-sized gardening equipment can be purchased to help the pupils carry out the projects.