You’ve raised a grand sum!

THE Jam Jar Army has hit its first real milestone as our campaign has reached the £1,000 mark.

And there are still plenty of jars out across north Northumberland getting filled with coins as we aim to raise £10,000 for HospiceCare North Northumberland by September.

Reaching our first £1,000 was thanks in no small part to the pupils at Seahouses Middle School who returned £491.

Headteacher Julie Harris said she was ‘amazingly proud’ of her 104 pupils for their efforts.

“We already do a lot of fund-raising and that went ahead as normal and the Jam Jar Army appeal was on top of that.

“I think the success was down to the different method and really caught the children’s imagination, and getting the jam jars donated by Sainsbury’s and Co-op added some novelty to it.

“The fact that the money goes to local hospices helped as well because there’s so many people whose families are unfortunately touched by cancer.”

And there is no excuse for people not to get involved as we now have 100 empty glass jars at the Gazette office ready to be taken away and used by whoever may need them.

The jars were donated by Patteson’s Glass, a Lincolnshire-based glassware company, who found out about our campaign and wanted to get involved.

Chris Ward, from the company, contacted us through the Jam Jar Army website.

He said: “We have been following the Jam Jar Army over the last month and think it’s a great idea.

“First off, our company would like to donate 100 jars with lids to your cause.”

They are also interested in running the campaign in schools in their local area to support Help for Heroes so the Jam Jar Army may be marching out across the country.

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