You don’t need a garden to grow your own produce

Courgettes are growing in abundance.
Courgettes are growing in abundance.

The main vegetables are harvesting well, especially potatoes, peas, beans and courgettes.

‘Red Duke of York’ was successful and now we’re digging ‘Lady Christl’, which was grown under thick polythene mulch, a system I hadn’t used for a year or two. So far they’re looking good, large, oval, pale yellow and tasty.

Peas and beans are easy enough to grow, but when they all reach maturity together the hard work starts — shelling, blanching and bagging them up for the freezer.

I love growing courgettes, but perhaps introducing ten plants was a little O.T.T. With so many forming at once, I’m considering the options— dig out the ‘100 Courgette Recipes’ book, give even more away or let any we can’t consume turn into marrows.

• If you long to grow a fruit tree or bush and have no garden, but do have space outdoors, consider container culture. Plants grown this way cannot send roots foraging deep into the soil for water. They are totally reliant on you so select the roomiest container and use bulky, soil-based compost. Feed when necessary and don’t let them dry out. Choose a spot that gets plenty of daylight, direct sun if possible, and don’t rule out apple, pear, plum, cherry, the likes of which are available on dwarfing rootstocks.