Yorkshire pud challenge is on the menu at Inn

Chefs at The Hog's Head Inn are preparing for their Yorkshire pudding competition.
Chefs at The Hog's Head Inn are preparing for their Yorkshire pudding competition.

A cooking competition is on the menu at an Alnwick social spot this weekend, as its chefs will be battling it out to make the biggest Yorkshire pudding.

The culinary challenge is taking place at The Hog’s Head Inn on Sunday to mark British Yorkshire Pudding Day, and diners attending the venue’s carvery will be able to tuck into some of the towering creations.

The competition to take the title will be intense, as the inn’s cooks are determined to rise to the challenge.

Head chef Chris Taylor said: “Our Yorkies are well-known locally as an integral part of our fantastic Sunday carvery that’s served every week and all our chefs are aiming to be crowned Yorkshire pudding king of The Hog’s Head Inn.

“Chefs can be very competitive and there is already a lot of buzz over who is going to make the biggest Yorkshire pudding.

“We’ll be measuring our Yorkshire puddings so there can be absolutely no doubt about who has baked the biggest one on the day.

“Being able to cook a golden, crisp Yorkshire pudding is a skill that should be in every chef’s repertoire and although size isn’t everything, it is a key component of the best Yorkshire puds.

“British Yorkshire Pudding Day is a great way to celebrate what is such as an important part of our food heritage and we’re looking forward to seeing just how big our chefs’ Yorkies will be on the day.”

Celebrating a Sunday staple

The Yorkshire pudding has long been an essential part of the traditional British Sunday roast, but it only got its own designated day in 2008.

Yorkshire puddings were originally made in big tins and were served before the main meal, in an effort to fill up hungry families and reduce the amount of meat that was needed. Today, the individual portions served up with a roast dinner are the norm.

Pictures of the creations made by the Inn’s chefs will be shared on The Hog’s Head’s Facebook page, as well as its Twitter account @alnwickhogshead