Yes, it’s Bamburgh!

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IT’S a play set in 12th-century France being performed in London, but eagle-eyed north Northumberland residents may have spotted something a bit closer to home on its advert.

The castle below Robert Lindsay’s face on this poster for The Lion in Winter is our very own Bamburgh Castle.

It has been altered though, with left and right flipped, presumably to better fit the curve of Robert Lindsay’s face, and the castle set into a different foreground.

Bamburgh Castle director Chris Calvert said: “There was an advert for it in The Times.

“We all looked at the castle and said that’s Bamburgh, but they have Photoshopped it so what’s on the left is on the right and what’s on the right is on the left.

“It had a lot of people confused because they could see it was here but then it wasn’t quite right.

“A lot of people in the village have phoned up about it.”

He added that it wasn’t a bad thing to appear on this poster for the play, which is part of the Trevor Nunn season at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London, and is trying to track down a copy.

“To have an association with Robert Lindsay, Joanna Lumley and Trevor Nunn, as he’s directing, is great,” he said.