‘Worst road in the county’

Hazel Wilson with the sign next to the pot hole on the road to quarry house.
Hazel Wilson with the sign next to the pot hole on the road to quarry house.

A NORTH Northumberland woman has slammed the state of the road past her house, which she claims must be ‘the worst in Northumberland’.

Hazel Wilson, who lives at Quarry House, said that there are holes everywhere and she has contacted the county council numerous times about the state of the C47 from the A1 at North Charlton up to Hepburn.

“A number of times I contacted Sir Alan Beith and he has helped me, and then they did come but they haven’t done anything since,” she said.

“It really starts from three-quarters-of-a-mile from the A1, then past Middlemoor it’s horrendous.

“Then there’s a nice wee stretch where they aren’t any potholes before a huge hole. It’s not a pothole, it’s a crater. It’s disgusting, you will really damage your car if you don’t know it’s there.”

Mrs Wilson recently received a letter from the county council admitting that a number of make-safe repairs ‘have contributed in producing an aesthetically poor road surface’.

A detailed inspection is to take place with a view to submitting the road for the bid list for future capital funding.

But with the financial constraints on the council, there is no guarantee that funding will be available.

A spokeswoman for Northumberland County Council said: “We have to prioritise repairs according to our risk assessments and based on the type of road, the amount of traffic using the road and the nature and extent of the problems.

“This is a very rural road across moorland. You have to open gates to use it and it is used by very few vehicles each day.”