Working to make people happy

Northumberland Musician Derek Allan continues his weekly diary.

September 11

A 4pm gig at the wonderful Queens Head in Rothbury. We love being there, I love the feel of being in this village.

During the gig, Shaggy was ill and lost his voice and energy.

It was not so easy to get through as we had played four gigs in three days and my voice was not 100% either.

We did it, though, and on the way back with Mel, Ellie and Rebecca, I had a little family picnic at Paperhaugh.

September 12

Working mainly on charity stuff today.

In October I am raising money for the RNLI and Northumberland Hedgehog Rescue by walking continuously around Ladyburn lake at Druridge Bay for 10 solid hours with Ellie.

There is a 24-hour buskers night at Dinnington Social Club for Diabetes UK in October and there is a 24-hour darts marathon for the British Heart Foundation happening in January.

On December 3 I will be busking in Alnwick Market Place for an animal shelter.

Working on these things made today fly by, as they all seem to do. Later we headed to Blyth Running Club for Rebecca, great to be there, as always, she loves it.

September 13

More new bookings coming and going and soon Sam Gibson, who we book gigs for, goes to America, mostly it’s a holiday with his family but he is doing a few little gigs whilst he is there, so this is exciting.

I love knowing people are happy and doing well. He loves America. I am making sure when he returns home we have booked him enough gigs to have a great Christmas.

We need to save money now, well, all year because a bad winter can take away every penny we have when venues have to cancel everything.

A great friend came over today and we went to Amble once again for chips.

Always love to be there, always love to share the joys.

September 14

Another very busy day in the kitchen/office for Mel and I, but we stopped to have nice homemade food and around the table and talked of good times since our nine years of being married.

We are a great team and she makes sure everything keeps going for family, health, We Steal Flyers, Acoustic Magic and Sam Gibson.

It is sometimes a hard job but Melanie has what it takes to be the person she is.

We works hard on being happy and making others happy.

We look forward to even more years of being the people we are.

September 15

With BBC sports radio I have been following the cricket season. Martin Emerson is an excellent commentator.

He is always joined by two other talkers. I love the stories, the laughs and what they have to say on cricket.

Melanie is getting into it now as they share a lot of our time as we work from home.

The last Durham home game was perfect. I was dropped off by Melanie and spent a day in the sun and reading.

The last day of the Championship game went on all day with Graham Onions knocking over the stumps to win the match.

I have loved being there as much as I could all season. I did miss being with Ellie today as she had school.

Cricket is a great love of mine and it has always been there, running with me all of the way.

One away game left.

Today’s gig in Liverpool was cancelled as the owner was unwell and wanted to reschedule so he could be there when we played.

This turned out to be a great bonus day.