Workers race to the rescue of fallen man

A pair of road-workers raced to the rescue of a man who fell in floodwater as it cascaded down an Alnwick street.

Ray Demarco and Graeme Morton were part of a TM Links crew digging on Clayport Street when the thunderstorm struck, turning the road into a raging torrent. As they took shelter under the portico of the council offices, they noticed a man attempting to cross from the Fenkle Street junction.

“The water was very powerful and picking up speed,” said 57-year-old Mr Demarco, who is originally from Edinburgh. “I then saw somebody trying to cross the road. We were shouting at him not to do it, but he mustn’t have heard us. He then went flat on his face.

“The pressure of the water was holding him down and I could feel it taking my feet away, but we managed to pull him out. Fortunately, he was okay.”

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