Wooler trust elects new vice-chairman for coming year

Patrick Sheard
Patrick Sheard

The Wooler-based Glendale Gateway Trust has a new vice-chairman.

Patrick Sheard, 54, takes over from Patsy Healey who has been vice-chairman for the past two years.

Patrick and his wife Paulette currently run a B&B in Wooler.

He spent most of his career working for retail operations at Oxfam, John Lewis and the Co-op, and at one point ran his own village Post Office.

He is an Elder of the United Reformed Church in Wooler and his interests include landscape photography and wild swimming.

Frank Mansfield, chairman of the Glendale Gateway Trust, said: “I’m delighted to have Patrick as vice-chairman for my final year as chairman.

“He has impressed colleagues and the wider public running the spring clean-up operation in Wooler and is currently our lead trustee looking at the Cheviot Centre operation.

“Patsy will be a hard act for him to follow, but I know he is a popular choice and has the full support of all our trustees.”

It is normal practice at the Glendale Gateway Trust for the vice-chairman to take over from the chair when he or she retires. This is expected in July 2018.

At its annual meeting last month, Julian Bales, Margaret Brown, Frank Mansfield and Jane Pannell were elected as trustees. They will serve for a three-year term.