Wooler Parish Council: speed signs, crossings, parks and crime

Stock pics of Wooler
Stock pics of Wooler

Concerns have been raised about the operation and siting of the new interactive speed signs at the entrances to Wooler on the A697.

Interactive signs, which flash up the speed at which vehicles are travelling, have been installed at the northern and southern edges of the 30mph limit into the village in an attempt to tackle speeding.

However, members are worried that the solar-powered signs seems to be working very sporadically at the moment.

Chairman Coun Robert Donkin pointed out that the solar panels, which are supposed to power the signs, are facing west and therefore will not get sun for a large part of the day.

He also said that the sign at the northern edge of the village was sheltered by trees.

The positions for the signs were based on recommendations made by a county-council officer, but the parish council wants this to be looked at again.

Coun Anthony Murray said the signs in Millfield have similar power issues.

• Councillors are keen to investigate the possibility of a pedestrian crossing in the centre of Wooler. The favoured position would be from the new Co-op, in the former Wheatsheaf Hotel building, across to the Bank of Scotland in the Market Place. The county council is to be asked to come out and carry out an assessment.

• A public meeting is to be held to gauge interest in the development of a neighbourhood plan for Wooler. Members are currently split on whether the effort and money involved are matched by the advantages, but will give people the chance to have a say at a meeting, likely to be held on April 22 or 23.

• All of the seats in Scott’s Park have now been repaired and the council has agreed a quote for painting and providing a new lock for the toilets of £300. It is hoped that the work can be carried out ahead of the school Easter holidays. Meanwhile, the county council has confirmed that it does own Bryson’s Park.

• PC Stuart Brimble told the meeting that there had been one recorded crime in Wooler since the last council meeting. Someone was arrested at the bus station in possession of cannabis on Saturday, March 7. That same night, there was an incident related to a house party, which is being dealt with.