Wooler Parish Council round-up: Winter plans, fountain and parking

An artist's impression of proposed fountain monument in Wooler.
An artist's impression of proposed fountain monument in Wooler.

Parish councillors held a meeting with county council representatives in an effort to upgrade the priority of some of the routes in Wooler in terms of gritting and snow clearance.

Chairman Coun Robert Donkin said that he asked if the whole of Wooler could become priority one, but was told this wasn’t possible.

Instead, he requested the addition of Ryecroft Way, The Peth, Brewery Road as far as the schools, either the A697 South Road or Weetwood Avenue for children accessing the school that direction and the rest of Church Street.

Last winter, priority-two routes were The Peth, A697, Weetwood Avenue, Weetewood Road, Brewery Road, more of Ramsey’s Lane, Tankerville Terrace, Tenter Hill, Oliver Road and Padgepool Place, all of which were requested to be included again.

• Referring to the planning application for the fountain in the centre of Wooler, which has been submitted to the county council, Coun Alfreda Hindmarsh said: “I think it’s underhand, because you (the chairman) wanted to go to a meeting to find out more and you never got an invite.” The council has agreed to take on the land if approved.

• Members discussed the issue of parking on Ramsey’s Lane again, after an incident over the weekend had sparked plenty of debate on Facebook. The clerk said that if there is an obstruction, the police can deal with it, but only if they are contacted at the time the vehicle is causing the blockage.

• A resident spoke at the meeting to share her idea for something which can ‘help promote Wooler to tourists and visitors and help Wooler appear as unique as it is to the outside world’. She wants to install Doddington sandstone megaliths, which would feature maps and information about local history, walks, etc.

• Wooler’s Remembrance Sunday service takes place at 2.30pm at St Mary’s Church, followed by the laying of wreaths at the Tory, where there will also be a service on November 11. The carol service is on Tuesday, December 15.