Wooler Parish Council round-up: Fountain, play areas, defib and fly-tipping

An artist's impression of proposed fountain monument in Wooler.
An artist's impression of proposed fountain monument in Wooler.

Two members of the team behind the fountain memorial project in Wooler updated the parish council on the scheme’s progress.

The planning application for the monument in the Market Place, which will not be a working fountain, was approved in January despite objections.

Scott's Park in Wooler. Picture by Jane Coltman

Scott's Park in Wooler. Picture by Jane Coltman

Robin Lawrie and Yvette Hope were at Monday’s meeting, which heard that they are currently seeking quotes for the construction, as well as finalising details for the likes of steps and benches.

However, nothing can start until the land has been registered. The parish council, which has been maintaining the site for some time, has started the process and instructed a solicitor.

One of the conditions of the planning approval was to replant the cherry trees on the site somewhere else in the village which is accessible to the community. The council was asked to put forward a suggested new site for the trees.

• Members approved two contracts which will see the county council carry out safety checks and cut the grass in the two parks in Wooler. The service level agreement for the weekly safety checks in the play areas and skate park will cost £1,831 a year and the grass-cutting £1,750 for 13 cuts a year.

• Permission has now been granted to install a second defibrillator in Wooler on the wall of the bus-station toilets – the first is at the school. It has been funded by the parish council and the Stephen Carey Fund, but difficulties with listed buildings had delayed finding a suitable site.

• “We take a very dim view of fly-tipping,” said Coun Robert Donkin, parish chairman, after a report of rubbish being dumped at the top of Whitsun Bank. Concerns were raised that the problem has been exacerbated since a ‘rubble charge’ was introduced by the county council.

• Concerns about the derelict property at 5 The Peth, which has a tree growing through it, is among numerous issues which parish councillors were to raise with the county council’s locality development officer, Kevin Bartlett, at a meeting last Wednesday night.