Wooler Parish Council round-up

A defibrillator unit.
A defibrillator unit.

An officer from the county council came up to Wooler to take a tour and look at some of the issues surrounding the village’s roads.

Several of these related to the location of the new Co-op, which has been raised by parish councillors on a number of occasions.

Transport projects officer Neil Snowdon had told members that a pedestrian crossing or a pelican crossing in front of the store would take a long time to implement due to the need for surveys, etc, and there may well not be funding for it anyway.

However, a solution involving changes to the dropped kerbs may well be feasible and will not take as long to sort out.

Mr Snowdon also talked about creating a loading bay beside the new Co-op and creating an island at the top of Church Street to stop vehicles cutting the corner when turning right.

The parish council agreed to add a pedestrian crossing outside the Co-op and the widening of Ramsey Lane to its list of priorities for the Local Transport Plan 2016/17.

• Community groups are being encouraged to sign up for training sessions on using defibrillators. Wooler already has one unit at the middle school and another is soon to be installed on High Street. A training unit has been obtained too so contact Mark Mather on mark.g.mather@gmail.com to arrange a training session.

• Members agreed to get on and try to replicate the new badge for Wooler as it was designed by the winning schoolchild, rather than have it converted it into a professional design. They are keen to get it on the website and elsewhere as soon as possible, but may revisit the badge in a year or so’s time.

• An update from police revealed that in the past two months, there have been just four reported crimes in Wooler, compared to 12 last year. Two were criminal damage, one of which has been detected, while another was a theft, which is being investigated. The fourth was a scam related to the People’s Postcode Lottery.

• Three quotes were received from local firms for the replacement of the staircase in the clock tower at St Mary’s Church. However, one was significantly lower than the others and this is to be checked out as it is thought to be for an exact replica rather than to the specification provided by the architect.