Wooler Parish Council round-up

Wooler Christmas Lights switch-on 2014
Wooler Christmas Lights switch-on 2014

A meeting is to be held early next year to get Wooler’s snow plan up and running again.

The system, which was run in previous years, saw volunteers split into certain areas within the village with a co-ordinator in each area.

The aim was to try to clear roads and footpaths that weren’t covered by the county council’s gritting routes, in particular, to ensure that the elderly could get out or, if not, someone could collect food and medication for them.

Nothing has been done this winter, but a meeting is now to take place in the first week of January (date yet to be confirmed, but likely to be Monday 5 or Wednesday 7) to which any new or old volunteers would be very welcome.

It comes following complaints about the state of the footpaths down The Peth, which is used by pupils at Glendale Middle School, and in Golden Square.

Coun Anthony Murray said: “I don’t think it’s up to us to sit here and chastise the county council, we need to organise something and sort it ourselves.”

• A new base is to be installed to ensure that the Christmas tree in the centre of the village is stable next year. It will involve a spike inside a pipe sunk into the ground. Coun Brian Patterson volunteered to do the work straight after the tree comes out in January to ensure that it is done before anything else happens.

• Coun Alfreda Hindmarsh is keen to get on with the process of creating a neighbourhood plan for Wooler, following talks with Coun Brenda Stanton, chairman of Belford Parish Council, which has started creating its own plan. “If the likes of Tillside and Belford are doing it, I personally think we should do one.”

• Longframlington Parish Council had written to ask for Wooler’s backing for a letter being sent to the county council calling for mobile speed cameras to be used more often in the villages up and down the A697 and elsewhere in north Northumberland. Members agreed to support the letter and its aims.

• Chairman Coun Robert Donkin is meeting Mick Tully, from the county council, today to discuss exactly where the public seat can be located outside the Wheatsheaf building. Coun Donkin said it would be on the flagstones as it is easier to install and that it has to be 1.7m from the road.