Wooler Parish Council news round-up

Wooler bus station
Wooler bus station

Police are monitoring Wooler bus station after a recent spate of anti-social behaviour.

Officers will continue to check the site, especially with the light nights.

However, the meeting heard that there has been no further vandalism at the bus-station toilets.

The soap dispensers which were vandalised have been replaced and paid for by the person who was responsible for the damage.

The meeting heard that there had been a number of crimes in Wooler since May 26.

In this time, there had been three public order disputes, but no party made any complaint.

Meanwhile, an offender is being dealt with for possessing a Class A drug.

There was also a minor assault, but no complaint from anyone involved.

Road options: The county council will not consider widening Ramsey Lane as the groundworks would be too expensive, but taking away the grassy embankment is an option.

The authority also suggested double-yellow lines on both sides of the road.

However, parish councillors felt that double-yellow lines on both sides would not work, as residents wouldn’t have anywhere to park.

Members felt that double-yellow lines on one side may help, while a parking restriction in working hours was also suggested as a possibility.

The clerk will ask the county council for a site meeting to discuss the best option.

No date: Coun Anthony Murray said he had not been given a date for changes to parking on High Street, but will ask for progress.

Goal net: A resident has complained about a gap in the goal net at the Scott’s Park play area.

However, this gap has been there since the net was erected and was manufactured that way, so there is nothing that can be done.

Thank you: The parish council has thanked Wooler BP Beavers group for cleaning up Scott’s Park recently.

Trees update: Coun Robert Donkin has reported to the county council that there are several branches down in the park following high winds. There are also two trees in the park which are rotten and may need to be taken down. The clerk will arrange a site meeting.

Parish vacancy: The clerk reported that the vacancy to co-opt a new parish councillor has been advertised, but there have been no expressions of interest. The deadline for expressions of interest is Friday, July 13, with interviews after the parish council meeting on Monday, July 23.

Missing signs: Several signs are missing or damaged in Wooler. Coun Rachel Sinton has images and will provide a list of the most damaged ones to the clerk. Coun Robert Donkin said that signs are missing on Brewery Road, Queen’s Road and the Berwick Road to the business park.

Working group: Chairman Coun Malcolm Pringle suggested the parish council attempts to form a working group with surrounding parish councils to work together and be better represented on issues which affect the whole area. The council will write to the other councils to gauge interest.

Cygnus Support: Cygnus Support, the mental health outreach service, will be in Wooler from noon on Tuesday, July 17. The charity has asked the parish council where the best place is to park its camper van for most footfall. The clerk will suggest the car park at Padgepool Place or the bus station.

Feeling threatened: A resident reported to feeling threatened because of people drinking around the entrances to the pubs. There is no by-law in Wooler to prevent public drinking, but police will intervene if it is causing problems or anti-social behaviour. Contact police if there are issues.