Wooler Parish Council

Preparations for winter

The council is starting to make preparations for the coming months.

A meeting was held earlier this month to make arrangements for the reintroduction of the Wooler snow plan.

Rather than posting leaflets with contact numbers to all of the properties in the village, posters with the names and contact details of the area coordinators are to be posted in various places around the village.

The area coordinators will then have details of all the volunteers.

County and parish councillor Anthony Murray told the meeting that he didn’t know whether the county council was going to use local contractors this year, which members felt would be a problem.

l A recent coffee morning for the Christmas lights raised £360.20.

It was agreed to look into buying new light features for the village and discussions are ongoing with an electrician to check the junction boxes and put up the lights.


Coun Alfreda Hindmarsh told the meeting that she had written to the North East Ambulance Service, with concerns about the paramedics from Wooler having to provide cover in Berwick. She said it can leave the village and the rest of Glendale without a service, as happened following two accidents at the football recently.


Members agreed to make a £50 donation to the Great North Air Ambulance Service.

They had previously pledged £200 to support a project at the Wooler Drop In Centre to provide a counsellor, but the bid was unsuccessful so the money will now go towards providing a youth adviser.


The council is looking to relocate a bin into Bryson’s Park from elsewhere in the village rather than purchasing a new one. They were informed that the bin on Church Street, which they had considered, was well-used, but they are now looking at one from Scott’s Park, which currently has three bins.

Village food bank a sign of the times

Sure Start is now organising a food-bank service in the village. There are collection points at the three churches and the Co-op and Farm to Freeze are also going to have them. The food is then taken to the fire station to be sorted.

Coun Alfreda Hindmarsh described it as ‘a sign of the times’.