Wooler Parish Council

Wind turbine concerns

Wooler parish councillors have underlined their concerns about a proposed wind turbine at High Burnhouse. At Monday’s meeting, they heard from a resident of High Humbleton who listed his objections. Parish members have already registered an objection, but asked parish and county councillor Anthony Murray to make their views known at the county planning committee on Tuesday next week. They are also pressing the county to supply parishes with hard copies of plans if requested, because they consider the online versions inadequate.

Speed fears confounded

Careful drivers have confounded fears about speeding. Coun Murray understands that speed registers in the town have recorded nothing more than 34mph. This makes further action to slow down drivers unlikely.

More help for snow platoon

A platoon of volunteers is ready to help Wooler cope with the snow, but more help would be useful. Anyone who can join should contact chairman Coun Alfreda Hindmarsh or Coun Murray. Team tasks include snow shovelling on paths, pet exercising, shopping or calling on those unable to get out and about. Owners of four-wheel-drive vehicles will be making vital journeys, such as collecting prescriptions.

Value must be accounted for

As the fate of Horsdonside sheltered housing flats hangs in the balance, some parish councillors are arguing for Berwick Borough Housing to account for the value of the complex, if it cost the organisation nothing when transferred from the former Berwick Borough Council.