Wooler high street welcomes back a familiar face

A businessman is back on familiar territory – starting a new challenge just weeks before his 65th birthday.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 3:54 pm
David Girdwood and Sarah Wood at the Good Life Shop in Wooler. Picture by Jane Coltman

David Girdwood has bought back The Good Life Shop in Wooler, two years after selling the business to colleague Sarah Wood.

She has now decided to follow different career ambitions and David takes over trading again from tomorrow.

He said: “The principles shall remain as they always have been. Good service and quality with a personal touch at realistic prices. Goods and products from valuable local producers who have loyally supported The Good Life Shop for almost 39 years.”

The Good Life Shop was founded in 1980 by Mr and Mrs Timothy Sharp. David and Liz Girdwood bought the business in 2002. Liz ran the shop until April 2004, when David took over.

He continued to trade until June 2017. Having been approached by a number of potential buyers, he sold the business to Sarah, who had worked in the shop as one of the Saturday staff.

It was agreed that David would enter into a two-year service agreement following the sale, which was due to end next month.

After a discussion in which Sarah indicated she had other career ambitions, David decided he had no desire to leave a place of work which had been so much a part of his life for 17 years and the decision was reached that Sarah would sell The Good Life Shop back to David.