Wooler, Camera Club

View of Wooler
View of Wooler

The wow factor

At their most recent meeting Wooler and District Camera Club were addressed by Anne Swearman, from Whitley Bay.

In a talk illustrated with her own work, Anne entertained members with her thoughts on photography, methods and competition judges.

Anne is a past president of the Northern Counties Photographic Federation and for a number of years has lectured on photography.

She described herself as “a random photographer”, and in a collection that ranged from landscapes to still life, and architecture to the surreal, she appraised her own work and told the club what worked for her as an exhibitor, competitor and judge.

For her, the ‘wow factor’ is all important. An eye-catching picture is likely to be well appreciated both in exhibition and competition.

Thinking ahead, being in the right place at the right time, using equipment to good effect and the occasional piece of luck all contribute to getting an image that stands out from the rest.

Anne made the point that “rules matter”, but can sometimes be broken to great effect.

We, including judges, are all individuals and so our view of a picture is likely to be very subjective.

In a section titled Pictures I Love But The Judges Didn’t, Anne went through a few of these. Some had succeeded at exhibition, despite being slated in competition.

The message that her audience took home with them was to have faith in one’s work, take pictures that are pleasing to the photographer, and learn along the way.

The next meeting of Wooler and District Camera Club will be on October 6, in the Glendale Hall, Cheviot Street, Wooler, at 7.30pm, when there will be a competition evening. All are welcome.