Wooler, Camera Club

Stock pics of Wooler
Stock pics of Wooler

Most camera enthusiasts love a stroll. As members of Wooler and District Camera Club found out, when Jane Coltman or Laine Baker are behind the camera, and the stroll is down a street in Havana or a market in Delhi, the pictures are an exquisite amalgam of vibrancy, colour and composition.

Jane and Laine delighted the audience with a show entitled “Travel” that featured their forays in Cuba and India. The talk combined practical advice with images of people going about their daily lives and scenes that perfectly conveyed a sense of place.

Jane and Laine warned that not everyone is happy to be snapped and advised a cautious approach. However, the children playing were like children the world over, and the street vendors grabbed the chance to show off their wares. The images left their audience wanting more.

The next meeting will be on November 26, in Glendale Hall, Wooler, at 7.30pm, when there will be two competitions Reflections and Yellow.