Wooler Camera Club

DOUBLE VICTORY: At a recent club completion night at Wooler Camera Club, Cyril Guthrie showed that his partial transfer from video to still camera work has been a success when he was judged the winner of both the evening’s competitions.

Judge Bernard Harvey, from Rothbury, was impressed by his entry into the competition entitled Liquids where he had managed to portray two different coloured liquids being poured onto a plate.

However, afterwards, his wife Norma, with tongue in cheek, did suggest it was her technical skill in directing him while she held the bottle containing the two liquids which had contributed to his winning entry.

His second win of the evening for the Novices’ Cup was of a fledgling bird of prey taken just after it had been ringed.

Bernard said it was worthy of being the winner as it was pin sharp and created a great deal of interest in the way it was framed in the short. Perhaps Norma’s tongue-in-cheek comment should be taken more seriously when she pulled off second and third place in the Novices’ Cup with her natural history shots of a hedgehog and a jay.

The judge must be congratulated in the way he went through all the photographs which had been entered, offering constructive criticism about them.

A special mention should go to two of our younger members, George Murray and Joanna Fox, who compete with the adults on the same level and were awarded a highly commended certificate for their pictures.

Results: Andy Steel Rose Bowl Liquid: 1 Cyril Guthrie; 2 Mike Allport; 3 Margaret Urwin. Highly Commended: Cyril Guthrie; George Murray; John Wilson; Mike Young; Pat Young.

Novices’ Cup Open: 1 Cyril Guthrie; 2 Norma Guthrie; 3; Norma Guthrie. Highly Commended: Joanna Fox; Cyril Guthrie; Jim Wilson.

At our meeting tonight, Ron McCombe is giving a wildlife presentation. Everyone is welcome to our meetings which take place on a Thursday night at 7.30 pm in the Glendale Hall in Wooler.