Wooler Camera Club

DOUBLE DELIGHT: Wooler Camera Club expected a good night and was not disappointed when the club’s president John Wilson and member Cyril Guthrie gave two very different presentations.

John, with the support of his wife Kathleen, took us through a year of photographs of wildlife and landscapes.

John’s speciality is wildlife and from the light effects in his picture it obviously pointed out the need to be an early riser. Using a hide allowed him to be sufficiently close to his subjects to produce extraordinary detail of birds and mammals. Their landscape pictures were excellent and he even managed to produce a different slant on that well-photographed Eilean Donan Castle.

Cyril entertained us with three video pieces.

The first one was the fire at the Wheatsheaf Hotel a number of years ago.

He managed to give the appearance that he was in among the fire fighters and was also able to show the reactions of the crowds.

A wildlife video came next and reinforced why Cyril has won national awards for this type of work.

His final showing was a trip to Finland on a wildlife holiday and was instructive in the way it showed how the staff baited the areas to attract the wildlife to come in front of the lens.

The much appreciative audience departed at the end and we hope they will return on October 6, to see the members’ offerings for two competitions entitled “Ordinary People” and “Urban Landscapes.”