Women face trial over attempt to pervert justice charge

Jolene Angus and Carlene Balmbra face trial charged with using Facebook in an attempt to pervert justice.

Angus, 26, and Balmbra, 28, of separate addresses in Windsor Gardens,

Alnwick, are charged that between March 28 and April 24 last year, with

intent to pervert the course of justice, they created false Facebook accounts,

posted messages on them and then sent copies of those messages to

the Crown Prosecution Service and to a school, and this behaviour ‘had a

tendency to pervert the course of public justice’.

Angus is also jointly charged with Sharon Nyberg, 43, of Howling Lane,

Alnwick, with assault causing actual bodily harm.

No pleas have been entered. Bail was extended when the three appeared at Newcastle Crown Court on Friday.