Woman rescued by lifeboat crew off Northumberland coast

Seahouses inshore lifeboat
Seahouses inshore lifeboat

A woman was rescued by lifeboat crew after being cut off by the tide at tiny St Cuthbert’s Isle, on the south side of Holy Island.

UK Coastguard requested the launch of Seahouses inshore lifeboat at 1.46pm today to bring the woman back.

She had become cut off by the tide and would have had a substantial wait before the tide receded sufficiently for her to cross safely back onto Holy Island. She had requested to be taken off.

The lifeboat proceeded to the Isle by sea rather than by road. On arrival, the lady was quickly located and transported aboard the inshore lifeboat, the short distance to Holy Island.

Coastguard rescue officers on Holy Island met her as she was brought ashore by the lifeboat crew.

This incident once again highlights the importance of checking tides and being aware of the risk of being cut off, while exploring the coastline.