Wish-list for developers' contributions in Alnwick

Alnwick Town Council has drawn up a wish-list of work to be carried out by developers as part of section 106 legal agreements related to two major schemes in the town.

Saturday, 17th February 2018, 5:00 am
The site of the proposed homes at Windy Edge.

If the proposals for 270 homes at Windy Edge are approved, members would like to see a series of walking and cycling infrastructure improvements, new bus shelters, new car charging points and money for the proposed BMX track.

For the retail development at Willowburn, they want decent links to the town centre via foot and public transport.

Full details of the priorities

Windy Edge

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Given the increased in resident numbers, these improvements are required to give safer pedestrian and cycling routes to the High School and to the town centre: A safe crossing on Alnmouth Road is needed (in the vicinity of the entrance to Royal Oak Gardens); Upgrading of section of path towards Allerburn Lea and then through to Fisher Lane in tarmac including a shared pedestrian/cycle route; Upgrading and redefining the section of footpath from Fisher Lane towards Column Field, as a combined pedestrian/cycle route; Provide a pedestrian-friendly crossing on South Road or Denwick Lane for those exiting from Fisher Lane and going into the town centre; A cycling route link should be made from Alnmouth Road (by the A1 bridge) to the Aln Valley Cycle Route – this follows an existing footpath).

Provision, management & maintenance of play facilities

Given that the housing application makes reference to the proposed BMX track as leisure space, it seems reasonable a contribution should be made to the future maintenance and management of this facility. In addition, to the BMX track, play facilities for younger children must be provided, and future management and maintenance addressed.

Given the likely increase in bus passengers, appropriate bus shelters should be provided: Two new bus shelters and bus laybys, where possible, are required at bus stops (one on either side of Alnmouth Road) to serve the estate.

The increased number of households and vehicles in the development will put additional pressure on car charging points in the town and the provision should be increased.

Willowburn Retail Park

The development would lead to an increase in pedestrians and cyclists visiting and they need to be able to do this safely: Given the proximity of the new High School, a safe pedestrian crossing of Taylor Drive is required (a toucan crossing is proposed on Willowburn Avenue by the developer); The extension of the A1068 South Road cycle lane facility to give safe access along to the Alnwick Cemetery (a shared footway/cycleway is suggested) is required; Pavement and footpath improvements are required at the St James’ end of Willowburn Avenue, this should include a) the safe pedestrian crossing on Willowburn Avenue near to the St James’s roundabout b) the upgrading the bridleway and footpath running from Willowburn Avenue to Taylor Drive (along the edge of the Rugby Club) and c) providing a footpath on the southern side of Willowburn Avenue running from the Rugby Club entrance past the proposed pedestrian crossing point to a new safe crossing point of the Weavers Way side of the St James’s roundabout; the provision of a safer pedestrian crossing of the A1 slip road is required (for those going to and from the Lionheart/Cawledge/Hawfinch area); To provide a safe crossing point at the Barter Books end of Wagonway Road.

Given the likely increase in bus passengers, then appropriate bus shelters should be provided. While the boundary of the site is well served by bus stops, a bus shelter should be provided near the entrance of the shops (assuming the service comes onto the site) and on both sides of Willowburn Avenue (between Taylor Drive & South Road).

A key issue if the development is to proceed is to ensure any detrimental impact of the town centre is minimised and that shoppers/visitors are able to easily visit the centre. Bus service enhancements to provide a subsidised and more frequent service to the town centre are required.

A key issue if the development is to proceed is to ensure any detrimental impact of the town centre is minimised and that shoppers/visitors are able to easily vesisit the town centre. The recently-completed car-parking study identified a number of recommendations. Relevant to this application are improved directional car park signage and the proposal to investigate a seasonal park and ride scheme. The town council wish to see funding being allocated to improve car park signage and a seasonal park & ride scheme.