Windfarm TV signal fears

Windfarm protestors have raised fears that TV reception in the Belford area could be badly hit if proposals for up to 25 turbines get the green light.

Research carried out by Middleton Burn Action Group (MBAG) has found that turbines at Middleton Burn and Belford Burn could interfere with TV signals.

Kerry Noble, MBAG vice chairman, said: “The BBC have a website where windfarm developers can find out how turbines will affect TV reception.

“All I did was put in the grid reference for the centre of the development sites and they said it would impact on 32 houses in the local area.

“That figure is just for a single turbine, never mind 25. I daren’t think what the outcome would be if you take all those turbines into account.”

Peter Harrison, of Energiekontor, behind the Belford Burn proposal, said: “The Chatton transmitter provides a strong digital signal to Belford village and therefore we would not expect that TV reception would be affected by the windfarm.

“We are carrying out an 
environmental impact assessment at the moment which will cover matters such as TV reception and we would expect any planning permission that follows to include a requirement for us to investigate and mitigate any negative effect on TV reception.”