Windfarm sites are in final stages of set-up

All of the turbines at two neighbouring north Northumberland windfarms are now fully constructed.

The Wandylaw windfarm, consisting of 10 125metre turbines, and the Middlemoor scheme, of 18 at the same height, are on adjacent sites north of Alnwick and west of the A1.

Both Blue Energy, which is responsible for Wandylaw, and RWE npower renewables, which is behind Middlemoor, have confirmed that the turbines have all been built and they are in the commissioning phase.

Martin Kelly, Project Manager at RWE npower renewables, said: “All wind turbines are now installed at the Middlemoor site and are currently going through a commissioning and testing phase. We anticipate the turbines will be fully operational within the next two months.”

At Wandylaw, the turbines are expected to be operational ‘very soon’.