Wildlife on the piano? It must be The Birds...

A puffin makes music on Coquet Island
A puffin makes music on Coquet Island

What do you get when you mix musical instruments and puffins? The answer is sweet music.

The cute creatures on Coquet Island have been getting into the magic of melody recently after a series of instruments have been placed on the island.

They’re even set to form their own band, The Puffets.

The main instrument of interest so far is a keyboard – which has been branded the first puffin piano in the world.

Meanwhile, specially-acquired mini-drums were bought from Amble car-boot sale on the harbour, while blacksmith Stephen Lunn has made a special puffin-sized percussion triangle.

Dr Paul Morrison, site manager for Coquet Island, said: “Puffins are inquisitive creatures and will investigate anything that may be of interest to them. “Last year we put a bell out for them and they would ring it, so we came up with the idea of starting a band.

“The keyboard is a real keyboard, it is the first puffin piano in the world. The puffins are using their feet and bills to play and the music is quite jazzy and off the wall. We are hoping to piece it together and have a CD eventually.”

The wardens expect there will be growing musical activity on the island in the coming weeks and hope to capture plenty of video footage.