What's in a name? Should town alter renowned title?

For years, Amble has been known as The Friendliest Port, but now an online poll has been launched to see if it should change its nickname '“ and it seems opinion is divided.

Thursday, 2nd February 2017, 11:00 am
The telegram from the RMS Mauretania, describing Amble as The Kindliest Port. Image courtesy of Aline Wood.

The town’s community newspaper, The Ambler, has launched the survey to gauge people’s opinion on an alternative title – The Kindliest Port.

It all comes from July 1935, when the RMS Mauretania sailed past Amble on her way to the docks at Rosyth, Scotland, to be broken up.

Mr Goodger, clerk to Amble Urban Council, sent the captain a message of greeting, describing the vessel as ‘the finest ship on the seas’.

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The Mauretania replied with greetings ‘to the last and kindliest port in England’.

Decades of retelling the story has meant that kindliest has been turned into friendliest.

But now, the poll has been launched to gauge opinion over whether the town should, in fact, break with tradition and change its epithet to the wording that was actually used by the ship’s crew, namely The Kindliest Port.

And opinion is split. So far, on the poll itself on The Ambler’s website, 67 per cent of respondents want to stick with The Friendliest Port.

But on Facebook, the majority of those commenting have said that Amble should be known as The Kindliest Port.

To answer the survey, visit theambler.co.uk and scroll to the bottom right of the page.