What do you want to do when you grow up?

The All Grown Up day at Broomhill First School.
The All Grown Up day at Broomhill First School.

Big Owls and Little Owls at Broomhill First School have been learning about different jobs in a topic called All Grown Up.

The school has had some visitors into class to tell pupils about their jobs, including the school crossing patrol attendant Samantha and Nigel the paramedic, who is also the grandad of a child in the class.

Elaine Haves, Reception teacher and Early Years coordinator, said: “It was a great way to get important safety messages across to the youngest children in our school and it taught them about jobs within our community.

“To celebrate the end of our topic, we held an All Grown Up Day where children dressed as something they wanted to be when they are older.

“We had all sorts of costumes from police officers and nurses to a baker and a rock star!”

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